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  • The Perfect Marketing Program ™

    The amazingly simple, powerful and affordable strategy that advertising agencies don’t want you to know about.
    Protects Customers. Finds New Leads. Cross Sells. Increases Market Share.

  • Outsourced Marketing Leader

    Why hire a full-time Marketing Director, VP or CMO when you can rent one?
    Fortune 500 experience guaranteed to transform your marketing and company.
    $2K – $5K Per Month.

  • Blue Collar Services

    Marketing is simply a sales call that you can’t be present for.  Ask yourself this: “Does my marketing tell prospects exactly why to buy from me, not my competition?”     No fluff. No waste. Just results.


Is Your Company Preferred, or Simply Visible?

Many marketing companies say they are “different” because of their flexible internal structure or the creative titles of their team. Marketing has never been about the structure of ad agencies. Effective marketing is about convincing the right people that not having your product or service is significantly reducing the quality of their lives. Effective marketing is not just making your company visible, which is easy to do, but making your company preferred and desired in the minds of prospects, which is hard to do.

Blue collar is an approach, a methodology, a way of doing business … hardworking, foundational, urgent.  Blue collar is intelligent, strategic and street smart … communicating to your prospects clearly and specifically why they should do business with your company, and not your competition. In short, blue collar is about doing the heavy lifting and analysis that many marketing companies don’t take the time to do … or can’t do.  Effective marketing is not about internal structure.  It’s about doing the hard work that helps your company increase market share.
Blue Collar Marketing … It just works.

The Perfect Marketing Program ™

Promoting your company to your 4 Key Growth Partners consistently is the single most important marketing strategy in the world … and will transform your company.

Every Other Strategy Comes in Second.

Your most valuable company assets are the relationships you have with the 4 Key Partners capable of creating incremental growth opportunities for your company:

1) Your Customers 2) Prospects 3) Business Partners, and 4) the Media.


And your ability to create stronger, more loyal and profitable relationships with your 4 Key Growth Partners is directly linked to your ability to consistently communicate your company’s Key Competitive Advantages: 1) How do customers, prospects, and business partners specifically benefit by partnering with you?  And 2) How does your company improve the lives of those who partner with you?  Are you promoting your company to your 4 Key Growth Partners at least monthly … educating, empowering and motivating them to drive new sales for your company?


Why Don’t Ad Agencies Focus on This Strategy First?

Because it isn’t sexy. It doesn’t win awards. And doesn’t generate much revenue for the agency.  What it DOES, however, is actively cross-sell products and services to your customers; create multiple prospecting funnels and new, qualified leads; rank your website higher against your competition; create free “PR advertising” inside your industry channel; and stimulate incremental profitable growth.



Build Profitable Growth and Super-Strong Relationships with All 4 Key Partners You Depend on to Succeed

  • CUSTOMERS: Increase customer retention, loyalty & wallet share. Cross-sell ALL company services/products.
  • PROSPECTS: Create 3 powerful leads funnels and a steady stream of qualified prospects; be “top-of-mind” when prospects are ready to buy.
  • BUSINESS PARTNERS: Become “preferred” by being viewed as the “go to” partner and vital “sales force extension” by your key business partners.
  • MEDIA: Use PR to create free media exposure, visibility, new partnerships and new business.
  • All For the Cost of a Marketing Intern

The Perfect Marketing Program.  The world’s simplest, most cost-efficient strategy for building incremental PROFITABLE growth and super-strong relationships with every single human being companies rely on to succeed.

Outsourced Marketing Leader

Exclusively for small and midsize companies that seek Fortune 500 strategic marketing leadership and execution without adding a full-time headcount.

A well-managed brand is your only source of sustainable competitive advantage.  Other advantages will erode over time.  Because business owners wear many hats, they frequently have little time to research, conceive, implement, and oversee a powerful marketing strategy that develops and maximizes the brand they have worked so hard to build.  A well-researched brand strategy and execution plan, designed to clearly separate your company from the competition while telling prospects EXACTLY why they should do business with you, is essential to profitable growth and sizable market share gains. The good news?  It’s not rocket science.  The bad news?  It takes hard work, it’s not glamorous, and most agencies don’t do it.  We create powerful brands and marketing strategies based on comprehensive market research and competitive analysis.  Our goal?  Create Strategic Marketing Plans that  take market share, and actually grow your business even when you don’t advertise.  

For the cost of a marketing intern.



Deliverables Guaranteed to Transform your Business.

  • 1) Market research, competitive assessment, SWOT analysis, sales channel identification and accelerators for net new growth
  • 2) Strategic marketing planning and execution
  • 3) Strategies for increased customer retention, cross-selling and wallet share gains
  • 4) Multiple lead generation funnels for consistently fertile prospect identification/nurturing
  • 5) Prospects will know exactly why they should do business with you and not your competition.
  • 6) A powerful “brand” that creates leads even when you don’t advertise!
  • 7) A consistent referral network that delivers pre-qualified warm leads
  • 8) A website that recruits, educates, motivates, and converts prospects
  • 9) Social media, print, digital, traditional, media
  • 10) Leadership team participation; sales/marketing team mentoring

Blue Collar Services

Do You Have an Unresolved Marketing Challenge?  We Can Help.

Marketing should always be designed with the end-goal in mind.  At Blue Collar Marketing, we don’t create programs and hope they deliver the results you want.  Based on key marketplace research and competitive analysis, we determine the fastest paths to reach low-hanging fruit and long-term sustainable growth, and then reverse-engineer the marketing to deliver the goals.  Who are we targeting?  What’s the absolute best way to reach them?  What is the message that will make them respond and take action?  Our ONLY mission is to create well-researched strategies and programs for frustrated business owners who are tired of paying for overpriced marketing that frequently doesn’t work.
No fluff. No waste. Just results.

Services Offered

  • Market Research/Analysis
  • Strategic Marketing Plans
  • Web/Digital
  • SEO/SEM/Social
  • Lead Generation Programs
  • Print Advertising
  • Customer Retention
  • Customer Experience
  • Trade Shows
  • Media


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The Marketing Mistake 90% of Companies Make

When a prospect looks at your marketing … any or all of it … what happens? Do they immediately feel that you are speaking UNIQUELY to them? That you can solve a very re

Madison Avenue Passion. Blue Collar Street Smarts.

Blue Collar Marketing began as a personal mission to bring our deep Fortune 500 marketing experience, leadership, and strategies to small- and medium-size companies (SMB). We began by offering “Outsourced Marketing Director” services to companies without a marketing leader. We have since evolved to offer The Perfect Marketing Program, helping companies forge super-profitable relationships with the 4 Key Target Audiences every company depends on to grow. Finally, Blue Collar Marketing provides world-class marketing and advertising services … using an approach that focuses on communicating to your prospects exactly why they should do business with your company … and not your competition.

Bobby McLain is the founder and CEO of Blue Collar Marketing. Formerly a Writer/Producer in the ad agency industry and Sales Manager for a national broadcast media company, Bobby was a member of the Senior Executive team at tech distributor ScanSource, Inc. (Nasdaq: SCSC) where for 18 years he led the company’s global marketing strategy as it grew from a startup to over $3 billion in annual sales. Bobby has directed joint marketing ventures with a number of companies, both nationally and globally, including IBM, Motorola, Honeywell, Avaya, Polycom, NCR, and Zebra.

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